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 AutoPlay Media Studio 7.1 | 36 MB

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: AutoPlay Media Studio 7.1 | 36 MB   14/12/2007, 3:35 pm

AutoPlay Media Studio 7.1 | 36 MB
Make a great first impression with a professional autorun CD using AutoPlay Media Studio 7.1 This easy to use software tool allows you to quickly create your own custom autorun menus, interactive presentations, and custom applications in just minutes. Use your existing content such as images, music, video, flash, text, and more, and simply drag n' drop your way to amazing autorun menus. Your software will fly off the shelves with a professional front end by AutoPlay Media Studio. To help you get started quickly we provide extra resources including video training, professional content add-ons, an online user forum, and much more!

Download from Rapidshare O5C6L11F]Download from Megaupload[/url]
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AutoPlay Media Studio 7.1 | 36 MB
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